PREMIUM baby minding service

With the PREMIUM baby minding service, your baby will be totally well looked after at the Smiley Hotel. In addition to perfect care, we also offer perfectly balanced meals. And we provide you with everything: baby monitors, high chairs, rockers, plan pens, back carriers, prams and buggies, so you don’t have to bring any of these things with you from home. We have everything for your baby on site at the Smiley Hotel.

With our all-round expertise, we look after babies from the second month of life for up to 10 hours a day during the “economy season” and “season A”. We can look after your baby at any time between 9 to 7 pm. during which time we will look after, feed and play with your little darlings. Our expert baby minders welcome the little guests in the “fairytale sleeping chamber”, or in the “Rapunzel room”.

For stays of at least one week we offer favourable daily prices for our baby minding service with a trial swimming lesson and a Hipp care set.

For babies aged five months and over, we offer a separate baby minding service from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12 noon and 1:30 pm to 5 pm.

You can bring your little ones to the care centre and pick them up again at any time. As parents you have access to every play area.

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Baby facilities

  • Baby pool with a water temperature of 32 °C
  • Slide and water toy
  • Toddler’s area “fairytale sleeping chamber” and “Rapunzel room”
  • Separate kitchen for babies with microwave, vaporiser, refrigerator, cooker etc.
  • In the restaurant/buffet area: children’s chairs, high chairs, baby bouncers, bibs, seat cushions, table mats, painting materials and children’s cutlery, and children’s crockery: porcelain and plastic
  • Buffet with large variety of Hipp baby purees and teas for free
  • Vegetable, fruit and meat purees are prepared freshly according to your instructions with special care and attention;
  • Hipp baby food and nappies are not included!
  • Baby massages (for a fee)


All apartments and suites are tailored to the needs of families with babies and toddlers and are connected directly to the parents by means of a baby monitor / GSM mobile phone. Baby equipment, a changing mat, baby bath, nappy bucket, potty, fall protection for the bed, kettle and bottle warmer, and in some cases a microwave oven, are provided as standard equipment. All sockets in the rooms are internally fused.

• Bath thermometer, cot bumpers, night light, and footrests provided on request
• You will find only proper cribs and cots (no travel or emergency beds)
• Outdoor toddler play area

Smiley BABY weeks

vom 09.01. bis 30.01. 2021
vom 08.05. bis 22.05. 2021
vom 11.09. bis 25.09. 2021

  • Relaxed family holiday with baby including baby swimming and baby massage course
  • Visit our Original children’s hotel in the specified period.
  • Enjoy an especially relaxing holiday with your baby.
  • A great package deal outside the holiday periods for a stress-free holiday with your baby or toddler.
  • Our specially trained baby minders are there for your baby for 10 hours a day from Monday to Friday – even during lunch and dinner times.

So that mum and dad can truly relax:

  • partly reduced spa treatments for mum and dad
  • 50 hours of baby care and 64 hours child care
  • Hipp baby package
  • separate baby areas for toddlers only, play areas for use whatever the weather
  • daily use of all sports and wellness facilities for children and adults

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Kinderhotel Babyhotel - Kärnten
Kinderhotel Babyhotel Smiley - Kärnten
Kinderhotel Babyhotel - Kärnten
Kinderhotel Babyhotel - Kärnten - Holiday Check
Kinderhotel Babyhotel - Kärnten - Holiday Check
Kinderhotel Babyhotel - Kärnten - Holiday Check
Kinderhotel Babyhotel - Kärnten - Holiday Check
Kinderhotel Babyhotel - Kärnten - Holiday Check
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Kinderhotel Babyhotel Smiley - Kärnten
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